The Miami Valley Mesh Alliance is an active group of Amateur Radio operators
building and operating a high speed multimedia network of affordable
($40-$100) outdoor rated commercial quality 802.11n Wi-Fi devices.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network ( maintains the
firmware that is flashed into certain Wi-Fi Routers. This AREDN firmware
permits using Ham Radio frequencies adjacent to the standard 802.11n channels.

This AREDN firmware supports automatic adaptive mesh-style networking.
Mesh-style networking is capable of working within a network of a similar
distanced and a similar profiled network of nodes. Our local group has
dissimilar profiled nodes and we have rolling terrain and tall trees which
render a pure mesh-style-technology impractcal. Much of our network is
utilizing point-to-point links rather than the often assumed pure-mesh
network of putting every node on the same frequency and assuming that the
AREDN firmware will figure it out.